firepower introduction

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firepower introduction

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I recently discovered the Jupiter Ace and Forth language something different from the usually supplied BASIC and closer to assembly. I then found the Minstel 4th kit, but no longer available, :( then found ZX-UNO which for about same cost can run every 8bit retro computer, :D I decided to build ZX-UNO 2M VGA by manuferhi, I have ordered PCB and parts online. I have never owned a retro computer but they were available when i was a boy/teen but too expensive. I am Australian and the Microbee from Applied Technology was the computer of choice. Maybe a microbee core could be created.

I enjoy watching retro computer being restored and repaired on youtube, it's the technology i grew up with as a electronic hobbyist. things were much simpler to repair before SMT. ... forth.html ... robee_home
Hanoi, Vietnam