ZEsarUX 9.1

Software para o relacionado con el core ZX Spectrum / Software for or related to the ZX Spectrum core
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ZEsarUX 9.1

Mensaje por chernandezba » 26 Nov 2020, 20:15

Nueva versión estable de ZEsarUX 9.1 🙂

Encontrarás, como siempre, versiones compiladas para Linux, FreeBSD, Mac y Windows.
El código fuente está disponible, como siempre. Recuerda que ZEsarUX es software open source, licenciado bajo GNU GPL, y gratis!

Esta nueva versión viene con correcciones en QL y TBBlue (Spectrum Next), mejoras en el menú, emulación de General Sound y mucho mas!

Descárgalo desde:

https://github.com/chernandezba/zesarux ... es/tag/9.1

Los cambios son:

Version 9.1 - Toi Acid Game edition. 26 November 2020

Added pc speaker audio driver (for Linux only)
Added General Sound emulation
Added compile setting to disable networking functions
Added date & time field info to ZSF snapshots
Added configuration & command line setting to save keymap type
Added some file converters: from SNA, SP, Z80, P, ZSF to SCR

Improved QL emulation:
-Added sound emulation
-Guessing of file name extension
-Show all registers on Debug CPU window
-Support ZSF snapshots

Improved TBBlue emulation:
-Added emulation of tbblue joystick type (register 5)
-Added sprite zoom emulation
-Added relative sprites emulation
-Added sprite clipping emulation

Improved ZX Desktop:
-Added direct buttons, to access menu items
-Added devices buttons/icons, to show device activity and device configuration
-Added F-key to close all open menus
-Reordered menu items
-Windows are not closed when changing ZX Desktop size
-Added new ZX Desktop fill types: RainbowAlive, Chess, Grid, Random
-Improved input number windows: added buttons to increase/decrease values
-Now backgrounded windows can be seen even with menu closed (added a setting and also a F-key)

Improved ZRCP:
-Added MMU information to cpu-history and get-registers commands
-Added ZRCP command qdos-get-open-files: to get open files from QL QDOS

Improved debugging:
-Added debug console as a menu window
-Added MMU information when viewing cpu registers on terminal console

Improved Waveform window: Now can show left & right channels
Improved 1 bit resample audio filter
Improved loading .pok files: increased maximum pokes from 100 to 49152 pokes
Improved File Browser: added previews for screens (on .scr, .tap, .tzx, .pzx, .trd, .dsk, .sna, .sp, .z80, .p, .zsf)
Improved ZENG: Added setting to reconnect after retry failed sending

Fixed QL bugs:
-Fixed loading QL Superbasic programs when line lenght usually longer than 128 bytes
-Fixed loading executable files, can even exec/exec_w files without QDOS header
-Fixed possible hang calling IO.SSTRG
-Fixed using QL system calls and A6 pointer offset used after previous Trap was not 4
-Fixed RTC emulation
-Fixed frame interrupt
-Fixed cursor flashing
-Fixed listing (dir) call
-Fixed reading keyboard when menu open

Fixed reading keys on SDL and X11 drivers with default keymap and machines QL, MSX and Spectravideo
Fixed panic when changing machines and having ZX Desktop windows opened
Fixed panic when initializing audio and video drivers
Fixed panic extracting tap when invalid block
Fixed restoring machine to msx, coleco, sg1000 and svi
Fixed showing last core frame time in Core Statistics window
Fixed easter egg and cyrillic characters
Fixed rendering ZX Desktop on startup
Fixed arranging ZX Vision windows when changing machine or disabling border
Fixed open error when extracting tap with Spectrum names with '/'

Some other minor bugfixes and improvements

Que lo disfrutes!


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