esxDOS 0.8.8

Software para o relacionado con el core ZX Spectrum / Software for or related to the ZX Spectrum core
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esxDOS 0.8.8

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esxDOS v0.8.8 has been officially released. Grab it at

This version has the following (notable) new features:

BIN variant added to SAVE command

Variable support in GO TO command

Parity check is disabled by default when loading .TAPs

New/Updated Commands: .sercp, .scl2trd, .cal, .date, .strings


[23/02/2020] MB03+: Sped up CheckDMA routine using hardware LIFO stack (lordcoxis)
[23/02/2020] NMI: Added SAA1099 silencer on NMI entry (lordcoxis)
[04/04/2020] NMI: Silence (up to) 3x AYs on NMI entry (lordcoxis)
[04/04/2020] NMI: Added ULAPlus pallette reset on entry and restore on exit (lordcoxis)
[05/04/2020] BASIC: Added variable support in GO TO command, ie "GO TO a$" and "GOTO hd1;a$" (lordcoxis + requested by SCjoe)
[06/04/2020] Kernel: Fixed bug in M_GETSETDRV related with SYS ("$") drive (lordcoxis + reported by Dr. Slump)
[07/04/2020] BASIC: Added BIN variant to SAVE command - like CODE but doesn't write a header (lordcoxis + requested by SCjoe)
[10/04/2020] Commands: Fixed .128 command which got broken in v0.8.7 (lordcoxis + reported by nagydani)
[10/04/2020] Tape Emulator: Added "ParityCheck" parameter to ESXDOS.CFG, which determines if parity is checked when loading .TAPs (lordcoxis + requested by SCjoe)
[10/04/2020] Commands: Added .scl2trd command (Nihirash)
[01/05/2020] Commands: Updated .sercp to v0.5 (Pavel Vymetalek)
[23/05/2020] NMI: Fixed AY silencer routine (lordcoxis + reported by LMN128 & SCjoe)
[23/05/2020] Kernel: Fixed another infinite loop when ESXDOS.SYS can't be loaded (lordcoxis + reported by UB880D)
[23/02/2020] NMI: Added GS silencer on NMI entry (lordcoxis + help from moroz1999)
[24/05/2020] Commands: Added .cal, .date and .strings commands (UB880D)
[24/05/2020] MB03+: Added special MB03+ esxDOS logo (K-0s)