ZEsarUX 8.1 Beta 2

Software para o relacionado con el core ZX Spectrum / Software for or related to the ZX Spectrum core
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ZEsarUX 8.1 Beta 2

Mensaje por chernandezba » 16 Dic 2019, 20:49


He subido una nueva versión de ZEsarUX 8.1, la Beta 2!

Puedes descargarla de:

https://github.com/chernandezba/zesarux ... 1-16122019

Cambios desde la anterior versión beta:

Added real joystick support on Windows
Added setting to disable looking for alternate character sets from sysvar 23606/7 on ocr functions

Added ZRCP commands:
-extended-stack: having an internal stack for debugging stack value types

Added scr to tap file converter
Added setting to choose cpu type

Improved Debugging:
-debug CPU window: can now resize height and have more debug lines, legend keys expand as width increases, registers located at the most right position
-debug CPU window: show interrupt routine pointer on im2 mode

Improved menu:
-added more cyrillic characters support
-disabled menu items (the ones in red) are now called as "unavailable" instead of "disabled"

Improved accesibility:
-say when a selected menu item is not available
-Mac OS speech filter doesn't fail anymore when message has "-"
-selected item menu is called now "Selected item" (was called "Active item" before)

Improved Waveform: new scroll type

Fixed error when trying to open user files on MacOS Catalina
Fixed segfault error when failing to open a directory
Fixed RETI behaviour
Fixed Real Joystick support: buttons to event table is not set to defaults automatically anymore
Fixed setting a configured memory breakpoint like this "--set-mem-breakpoint 0000H 2" which was fired on startup
Fixed opening the menu on stdout driver on the first start of ZEsarUX

Fixed Accessibility bugs:
-now menu settings (anything between square brackets []) are played at the end of the menu line
-now menu settings ([ ] and [X]) are played as "enabled"/"disabled"

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