Test required

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Test required

Mensaje por aowen » 08 Mar 2016, 01:59


I've come up with an application package format and ported the Spectrum 48K emulator for the Chloe 280SE to use it. Now this works fine on Fuse with divIDE emulation, but I'm just getting crashes on ZEsarUX as soon as I try to do anything with esxDOS after the ROM is loaded (doesn't matter if it's esxDOS 0.8.5 or 0.8.6). So if someone could test it on the real Uno in Chloe mode with the SE Basic ROM I'd be very grateful. Here's the zip file (made on a Mac so you'll need to get rid of the ._ files, sorry about that).


What you should get when you extract the contents is a 48.PRG file and a 48.RSC folder containing a 48.ELF and a 48.ROM file. Copy the 48.PRG and the 48.RSC folder (and its contents) to the SD card. Run it with LOAD *"48.PRG". The .PRG is an autorun BASIC program with a +3DOS header. The files in the resource folder are headerless. The ELF is the executable Z80 code, and the ROM is the standard 48 ROM with two bytes patched to enable it to run from RAM.

When the 48 ROM is running, try doing a few esxDOS commands such as .cd and .ls. If it doesn't crash then there's a bug in ZEsarUX. If it does crash then possibly there's a bug in Fuse.

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Re: Test required

Mensaje por chernandezba » 08 Mar 2016, 20:03


I have answered Andrew directly, so I will explain it again but in Spanish:

O sea, que ya he encontrado el fallo que comentaba Andrew. Era un fallo muy muy feo en ZEsarUX pero que sólo pasa en entornos muy concretos... Concretamente cuando se pagina memoria RAM en el espacio de ROM, y se usa divmmc.
En este caso sucedía que las escrituras a la memoria del divmmc provocaban también otra escritura en el espacio de ram en rom... corrompiendo la ram/rom de muy mala manera :P

En fin, si alguien necesita que esto funcione, he subido una nueva beta en la url habitual,
https://sourceforge.net/projects/zesaru ... _versions/

o se puede bajar las fuentes snapshot y compilar


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