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ZEsarUX beta 5.1

Publicado: 29 May 2017, 22:29
por chernandezba

He subido una nueva versión beta de ZEsarUX. Hay binarios para Linux, Mac, Windows y Raspberry (raspbian). Se puede descargar desde la url:

https://sourceforge.net/projects/zesaru ... _versions/

Lista de cambios:

Added machine Chrome (Italian ZX Spectrum Clone)
Added menu movement with mouse
Added Visualmem, Poke, Find, Save binary menus also for Sinclair QL
Added setting to test configuration
Added remote commands: get-audio-buffer-info, get-machines, save-binary-internal, set-machine, set-window-zoom
Added QL GUI Style
Added menu to find and set lives in games
Added actions commands to breakpoints, so you can run some actions when a breakpoint is fired
Added up to three AY Chips
Added emulation of other DAC chips appart from Specdrum: Covox, etc
Added setting to set 256kb or 512kb on Spectrum 128k machines
Added setting to set F keys (F1, F2, etc) to run different actions: reset, nmi, exit emulator, etc
Added TBBlue Sprite chip emulation
Improved TBBlue emulation: 1 MB RAM
Fixed turbo mode and breakpoints. Breakpoints were disabled when changing turbo mode
Fixed latency problems on all audio drivers
Fixed AY sound bugs when volume levels where > 15
Some other minor bugfixes and improvements


Re: ZEsarUX beta 5.1

Publicado: 12 Jun 2017, 19:59
por chernandezba

He subido una nueva beta en la url habitual

https://sourceforge.net/projects/zesaru ... _versions/

Cambios de la última beta a la actual:

TBBlue/Spectrum Next related:
-Sprites: fixed collision bit on border (and sprites on border disabled), added rotate bit
-Added RTC clock TBBlue/Spectrum Next support for esxdos
-Added tbblue-get-sprite, tbblue-get-pattern, tbblue-get-palette remote commands
-Added Save sprite to Sprite viewer, TBBlue sprite viewer, inverse sprite
-Updated tbblue boot loader
-Fixed tbblue reset i/o ports when reset and hard reset

Speccy and other machines changes:
-Added QL root directory selector for mdv1, mdv2, flp1
-Added get-ocr remote command
-Modified write-mapped-memory command to allow up to 64kb
-Fixed pthreads version on Windows

Podéis ver la lista completa de los cambios de la 5.1 beta aquí:

https://sourceforge.net/p/zesarux/code/ ... /Changelog

La próxima beta incluirá soporte para los registros de desplazamiento de pantalla del zxuno en el modo radastaniano ;)


Re: ZEsarUX beta 5.1

Publicado: 13 Jun 2017, 22:21
por brunosilva

you don't sleep??!?!?!?! :plasplas: :plasplas: :plasplas: :plasplas:

keep the good work! :)

Re: ZEsarUX beta 5.1

Publicado: 13 Jun 2017, 23:56
por chernandezba
brunosilva escribió:Hi

you don't sleep??!?!?!?! :plasplas: :plasplas: :plasplas: :plasplas:

keep the good work! :)
Hehehe yes, I usually sleep ;) This beta was built before going to sleep :)


Re: ZEsarUX beta 5.1

Publicado: 08 Jul 2017, 17:13
por chernandezba

He subido una nueva beta en la url habitual. Hay versiones para Linux, Mac y Windows

Respecto a novedades para zxuno, ya emula el scroll por hardware :)

Lista de cambios respecto a la anterior beta:

Added Layer2 Next emulation
Added machine MK14 (First sinclair machine)
Added machine ZX-Evolution TSConf
Added remote command send-keys-ascii and send-keys-string
Added two more f function keys: load binary and save binary
Added zxuno hardware scroll registers
Updated Next memory mapping
Updated Next ports 53h, 55h, 57h are indeed xx53h, xx55h, xx57h
Improved menu: set to black and white when opening menu and multitask off
Some other bug fixes and minor improvements

Podéis ver la lista de cambios completa aquí
https://sourceforge.net/p/zesarux/code/ ... /Changelog