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sam coupe

Publicado: 27 Ene 2017, 13:47
por rogerjowett
what video modes are supported please is there support for the ula+ and the zx prism


Re: sam coupe

Publicado: 01 Feb 2017, 09:33
por Higgy

I thought the Prism was just a fictional Spectrum. I believe it's screen mode is emulated within the ZEsarUX emulator:


And I thought ULA+ was only on the Spectrum? The ZX-Uno Spectrum and the TBBlue/Next core can run ULA+ :


It seems the issue with the Sam Coupe core is that it only loads tape files (at the moment ?), and converting the .MGT or disk files to tape is not vary easy. It is not just a Windows select and click program.