Coco 3/Dragon 32

Cores de los que existe documentación pero no se ha intentado aún portarlos al ZX-Uno / Cores for which documentation or source code exists, but no ports have been attempted to the ZX-Uno yet
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Re: Coco 3/Dragon 32

Mensaje por jotego » 22 Abr 2017, 09:09

vlait escribió:Hi, not really related to the port but if looking for cross-development tools you might want to take a look at
lwtools assembler (
The extras even contain patches for gcc (linux binaries may be available on some repo, compiles on cygwin too)
If an 'almost' c compiler is ok theres cmoc ( which might actually be more suited to small environments than gcc.

none of the above are coco3-only even if they are mostly targeted for it, i've used lwtools/gcc to write quick and dirty stuff for early williams boards without issues and since cmoc already is able to produce vectrex code i'd imagine "bare metal" code should be doable.
Those are good tools to use with the m6809. Thank you!