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Sourcing parts for zxuno 4.1 board

Publicado: 19 Feb 2019, 04:29
por mfair13
I'm not having any luck matching the USB connector. The BOM is pretty generic. Does anyone know the matching part for the USB jack?


Re: Sourcing parts for zxuno 4.1 board

Publicado: 16 Nov 2020, 02:48
por Owen000
I too have been searching for part numbers for many of the connectors, since buying a v4.1 blank PCB.
After finding the Mico-USB connector footprint was a different pitch etc. to one I had that I was going to try to make fit.
And I have been surprised at the lack of details anywhere - both BOM and Schematic lack most of the manufacturer part numbers
- So I'm wondering how the CAD parts models were obtained / built? / what supplier part numbers have been used to build these.
As well as part number for L1-3 0805 Ferrite bead.
I've also noticed that C1 is 4.3pF on BOM, and 7.5pF on schematic, so not sure which is correct!
And for the ZLDO1117 regulators, the more widely availably AMS1117 ones have been fitted in 3D model on User Manual

I've worked out J8 is Molex 53048-0910 & J9 53047-0610 (Although it seems 'micro JST 1.25mm' ones are more widely sold on eBay etc.

So I'd be interested in any part numbers for:
J1 Micro USB, J2 SD/MMC Socket, J3 RCA socket (different to two types I have), J4/5 3.5mm Audio socket.
And also the U5 50MHz 5x7mm (3.3V) oscillator - as well as little detail on load capacitance of the crystals.