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My name is Alexander(you may call me Alex). I'm 30 y.o and living in Russia.

I'm big zx spectrum and :zxuno: fan.
You may know me as author(myown software and ports) of some network tools for zx spectrum core(I'm a bit overloaded on my work - haven't enought time to make new releases now, but I'll back to it soon).

I never had original spectrums but had many russian clones :D

I have ZX-Uno 4.2 and +UNO(first revision in "rubber" case), harlequin 128k and ZX-Evolution.
Also I'm developing shoot'em up game(in Touhou Project style) for ZX-Evolution(TSConfig) now.

I'm glad be part of this comunity.
My hardware:
ZX Uno 4.2, +UNO, ZX-Evolution Rev. C+VDac+ZXM-SoundCard Extreme+ZiFi, Harlequin 128K, Reverse U8, Leningrad 48K

My blog(and there gopher server on 70th port): https://nihirash.net/