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ZX Spectrum SE (MK II)

Publicado: 04 Ene 2019, 11:52
por aowen
So there's this ZX Spectrum SE revival thing happening at the moment. It's kind of like the old one, but with a 64K ROM. This is a slight problem as the ZX core in the Uno doesn't seem to support the Timex MMU when port 1FFD is enabled. The new version of the SE doesn't require full support for the port, just the high ROM paging bit. In a nutshell it would be nice to be able to install the Derby++ ROM set and still run Spectrum SE software (such as the Timex 2068 emulator).

Re: ZX Spectrum SE (MK II)

Publicado: 08 Ene 2019, 15:06
por pascualete
It would be nice to check it ourselves.

Re: ZX Spectrum SE (MK II)

Publicado: 10 Ene 2019, 16:34
por aowen
Also the TS2068 emulator (requires Timex MMU) only seems to work with a 16K ROM setup.

The programs are all in this repo:


tc2068.tap, MMUtest.tap and vtest.tap.