ZX-Uno and the Recreated ZX Spectrum

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ZX-Uno and the Recreated ZX Spectrum

Mensajepor Eratosthenes » 17 Dic 2017, 11:30

Hi there,

Just a thought: Isn't it possible to add a ZX-Uno into the Recreated ZX Spectrum?

From my point of view there are two options:

    - Add the ZX-Uno beneath the original board
    - Remove the original board and put just the ZX-Uno into the case
Any suggestions if this is possible/if somebody plans to do something like this?

Another question according to this: Is there a possibility to use the Recreated ZX Spectrum as a keyboard for the ZX-Uno?

I know about WLan extentions but what about Bluetooth?

As always: THNX 4 info.

der Eratosthenes
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