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Re: Repositorio SVN

Mensaje por Hernan » 14 Abr 2018, 01:49

mcleod_ideafix escribió:
brunosilva escribió:@mcleod - you should update the ssl every 3 months... if you register... you get an email when it's about to expire... :)
Or just connect to it by regular http. No sensitive information is exchanged to justify using https (the username and password are public anyway)
Even with no sensitive information, most browsers are starting to flag every http site as non-secure.

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Re: Repositorio SVN

Mensaje por mcleod_ideafix » 14 Abr 2018, 02:41

A http:// url is non-secure per definition, but non secured for who? Non sensitive information is transferred as the repository contents are public and the way to access them is public too (username and password are published on the very same user/password request dialog).
Anyway, if you feel more secure, I've renewed the Let's Encrypt certificate.
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